The school invests heavily in technology to ensure excellence in education and to give its students the tools to succeed in a highly competitive world.

Correspondence with Parents - AA Parent Portal
The Amman Academy parent portal is the main means of communication between the school and parents. All circulars, notifications and student worksheets are uploaded on the portal for parents and students to view.

All correspondence for Pre-KG to Grade 12 and worksheets for Grades 1-10 are posted on the portal. As an added convenience for parents, the school also sends home hard copies of worksheets for Grades KG2-10. All worksheets are posted on the portal two to three days before their due date. Since e-mail is the main means of communication, parents are kindly requested to check their email and portal twice daily, once after 4:00 pm.

We print and photocopy a large volume of paper annually in order to provide our students with necessary worksheets, test papers and study sheets. We hope to reduce the amount with parents’ cooperation. This can only be done by relying more on the parent portal. The school must be notified immediately of any changes in email addresses. In such cases, please send an email to containing the new address.

AA Parent Portal Mobile Application
The AA Parent Portal mobile application allows parents to securely access their portal information at any time from their mobile devices. It provides real-time access to school announcements, assignments, worksheets, events, school calendar and photo gallery.
Parents and students also receive alerts for announcements, assignments and worksheets.
The application is available for download on Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for iPhones.

IT Staff
The IT department is comprised of eighteen highly qualified IT staff and computer teachers who offer IT support and computer classes for our students. In addition to the integration of IT into other subjects, our students begin in the KG to use the computer and the Internet as learning and research tools.

Amman Academy Website / Social Media
Visitors may subscribe to social networking sites. We share various activities, photos and events online through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Follow our social media accounts for effective communication, interaction and to connect with AA and student activities.

Tapestry (KG)
As part of Amman Academy’s ongoing commitment towards recording, capturing and celebrating our children’s progress and classroom experiences, we are pleased to announce the launch of 'Tapestry', an online learning journal we have provided for our Pre‐KG and KG1 students!

By providing each individual student with their own learning journal, parents are offered a glimpse into their child’s playing and learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. To learn more about Tapestry, please visit:

Computers and Other Digital Equipment
All of our teachers and most members of our administrative staff are provided with a free business series high-end laptop. Our students, teachers and administrative staff have access to 380 laptops, 120 PCs, 97 printers (of which 30 are advanced printers), scanners, and 21 digital cameras which are used to archive the school’s day-to-day activities, special events and activities. All classrooms are equipped with data show equipment, a high-speed microwave Internet connection and a computerized class monitoring and control software in the computer labs.

Internet and Infrastructure
The boundless benefits of the Internet are readily available to our students and staff. Our microwave connection ensures fast and uninterrupted access to the Internet, and computer labs are open to students during the school day and on Saturdays.

Solid content filters are updated on a daily basis so that students are not exposed to any inappropriate material on the Internet. Students’ Internet access is limited to educational, information technology and business related websites. They are denied access to other websites such as games, media streaming such as YouTube and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many other websites that are not related to education.

Internet usage is wide-spread at the school as it facilitates research and correspondence with universities overseas as well as participation in online student projects with other students worldwide. A high-speed wireless network covers the entire school premises so that students and staff can access the Internet from all areas of the school.

Over 40 servers with vast storage capacity handle the various digital services provided by the school. These services include administrative, accounting, library, mail, portal, transportation, scheduling systems and student management systems to name a few.

School Management System (SMS)
The school maintains an automated school management system that keeps a record of all transactions pertaining to student enrolment, schedules, curricula, activities, certificates, allocation of periods for teachers and other relevant data. The system produces instant reports which expedites transactions between parents and the school and provides management with accurate information and the tools necessary for decision-making.

Student files are maintained from the time of enrolment until graduation. These files include personal, medical and academic information, annual school certificates, activities, prizes and awards. This data is retained by the school and remains at parents’ disposal years after their children graduate.

Our computer network also facilitates access to required information and communication between all staff members and departments. It also provides valuable information on the improvement or deterioration of students’ grades, thus allowing administration and department heads to take the necessary remedial action immediately after marks have been entered.

Office 365
Office 365 is a leading technology service which we are providing for our students in Grades 5-12. Each student has been given an email address with the extension. Students use this email to receive school correspondence and to communicate with peers, teachers and universities when needed.

Amman Academy students are now using cloud storage instead of USB flash drives in order to facilitate communication between them and their teachers. This allows students to download, upload, and access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher files anytime, anywhere.

Computers on Wheels
The school’s seven laptop trolleys transport laptops as necessary between classrooms. Each trolley contains 25 high-end laptops with long-life batteries, thus bringing all the requirements for technology integration directly to the classrooms while saving time and effort for students and the teacher.

State-of-the-art electronic interactive white boards (IWBs) and data show projectors are used to integrate technology into daily instruction in KG2 - Grade 8. Technology is also integrated regularly in Grades 9-12 classrooms.

All 5th Grade students at Amman Academy learn proper keyboarding in Arabic and English. Students with solid keyboarding and typing skills are better positioned to submit projects, benefit from the Internet, and to compete in the marketplace of the future.

Electronic Libraries and Book Lending Systems
Amman Academy has three libraries (media centers) equipped with computers, laptops and iPads. Students benefit from these in their daily studies, and the libraries are also used extensively to carry out research and prepare reports. Electronic boards and printers are also available for students’ use.

Every student at Amman Academy has access to digital libraries containing millions of books, research papers, and academic articles. These include Questia, Gale, Britannica BOL, and Al-Manhal. Barcode readers and an indexing and search software speed up book-lending and search processes in the library.

Pool Alarm System with Motion Detectors
In order to ensure high safety standards in the school’s swimming pool, the pool’s entrances have been equipped with fingerprint machines so that the doors open only for individuals who are authorized to enter. The system includes motion detectors programmed to automatically dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously in the event that any motion is detected outside the specified times.

A safety net extending to the pool floor separates the deep end from the shallow end, noting that water depth is 90 cm - 150 cm. Two lifeguards are always present when there are students in the pool, and a full-time staff member is on duty at the first pool door so long as there are students on the school premises.

Surveillance Cameras and Call Recording
The school’s entrances, hallways and courtyards are covered with surveillance cameras for our students’ security and safety. In addition, all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Bus Fleet Management and Monitoring System
School administration and parents can follow the bus route via internet to see where the bus is at any minute of the day with our satellite-assisted bus monitoring system (GPS).

The many features of this system include the monitoring of any infraction by the bus driver such as not stopping completely at an intersection, sudden braking, and deviating from the pre-approved route. In addition, all buses are now monitored by 4 cameras for each bus to enforce discipline in the buses and to ensure student safety.


• Fingerprint identification machines record the attendance and departure of Grades 5-12 students in order to avoid interrupting lessons to take attendance during class. All staff members use the machines as well to record attendance.

• Managebac: This program is used to manage and keep track of the various requirements of the IB Program and IB student matters.

• Turnitin: This program is used to ensure that a student’s written work is original and has not been copied from the Internet in order to promote necessary skills to avoid plagiarism and to respect intellectual property.

• Networks and Filters: Advanced programs are used to monitor the local network and to ensure that it is protected from viruses and emails containing inappropriate material.

• Other Facilities: All science labs and art, music, vocational, and IT education rooms are equipped with computers and Internet and internal network connections.

150 Laptops for our students
1 laptop for each staff member
60 iPads around the school
60 PCs around the school
40 servers
1 Savvy 3D Printer for Design Technology
1 Whiteboard for Each Classroom